Monday, September 24, 2007

Of sock clubs, and more yarn and FOs

Well, I finally hauled off and joined a sock club. I figured it would be a challenge to my inner control freak, to not know what's coming and just do what I'm told. And so far it's working out!
This is what I received from Woolgirl last month:

The yarn is Miss Babs sport weight sock yarn, and I do like the purples a lot. The sock pattern isn't too challenging--which is probably a good thing for me as I generally knit plain stockinette socks. I'm not sure I like a lace pattern with suck a thick yarn but I'm not opposed to it.

The swag is nice, too--there's a contest, and a notebook and lip balm and a stitch marker. And here's the pic of my first finished sock!

The other sock is just as pretty. Finished a pair for Eric, for his 40th birthday:

Regia silk 6-ply. I love that stuff.

I'm also currently in the middle of two pairs of Cherry Blossom Fibers socks, and I just finished a pair of house socks for Doris' birthday in Urban Gypsz Twisted:

I need to make another pair for Scott, too, as it was his birthday as well last week. Or maybe mittens!
And this is the progress on my latest Jaywalkers:
I've traded an awful lot of yarn lately on Ravelry...if you're on it you can see my latest acquisitions from Lindalu--lots and lots of STR, Cider moon, Yarn Pirate, Regia Silk, etc. I have also bought a lot of Smooshy. And Dashing Dachs is my new fave.
As I've been trading a good bit of yarn, I haven't actually spent as much as I would have. I've also sold off a lot of yarn I wasn't going to use, and as my paypal balance is currently up, and I haven't spent anything I couldn't pay for with what I'd sold, I don't feel too guilty.
I'm resigning myself to the fact that I'm a sock yarn collector, and that the ability to "use" it all isn't the biggest factor. I like having it. I've made my peace with that.


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