Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Let it Bleed

So, I have given up on a sock yarn. Tess' sock yarn, which I blogged about earlier. I got one sock done. It was very reasonably priced: $15 for a skein with enough yarn to make a pair of adult socks, which is an absolutely great price for hand-dyed yarn. At first it gave me some trouble pooling, but I frogged and changed the cast-on and that fixed things.

But, well...the yarn bled more than any other I've ever used. My hands were constantly brown from knitting it, and I must have washed it four or five times and the water still didn't run even remotely clear. I don't think it's too much to ask for a sock not to just effing bleed all over everything. I know that's the danger with denim yarn, but sock yarn? I don't know what I'll do with that little sock, but I'm not going to waste my time knitting a mate to it.


Working on some cherry blossom fibers yarn now--two socks in two different colorways. Raspberry Truffle and Tartan. The raspberry truffle is lovely, and very soft. Knit up into a wonderfully snuggly sock, and what a pretty juxtaposition of color.

Two knit picks, however. One is that this yarn is advertised as "self striping". I suppose there are stripes, sorta. But they don't always go around the whole circumference of the leg. I think "self-lining" might be more appropriate, but confusing. When a yarn is advertised as striping, I want stripes, not polite little lines. Also, again, the sock bled. I even washed the hank before knitting from it, and then washed the finished sock a couple of times. Pink water, pink water, pink water. I've washed enough socks to know that it's very possible to produce a yarn, even a brightly-colored one, that doesn't produce a sinkful of dye when washed. Still, the yarn is incredibly soft and the sock is wonderful.

Finished the jaywalkers, tho'! The big lesson here was not to try to complete the toe late at night with a couple of beers in me, while my husband is rubbing my feet. Also, I totally spaced doing that slip stitch down the leg on the second sock. SLOPPY!

But pretty nonetheless. Yarntini is just...gorgeous. I have a couple of skeins of the variegated, but I just love the striping stuff.

Started a new jaywalker, in Online Holiday color. Nice electric blue, with stripes/lines that show of the pattern well.

Also, more yarn.

Fly-dyed Butterfly yarn. I think I like her monarch best, but I got this for a song on ebay.

Fiesta's new Baby Boom--shockingly soft and springy, but very expensive (about $29 to make a pair of socks--I got a 20% discount via my ordering from Webs).

Shi Bui--base yarn is Louet Gems Pearl? Seems like it. Lovely shad-y colors.

Franklin yarn in McCaw. Saw the Yarn Harlot was knitting a pair of socks in this color and I felt I needed some.
I'm spending most of this week anticipating my first sock club shipment from Woolgirl. I feel in my bones it's going to be pretty fabulous!


Carol said...

Did you try the vinegar soak? Sometimes that will get rid of excess dye or at least make it bond to the fiber better. Another option is to try steaming it in a double boiler for a little while, then rinsing. It depends on what kind of fiber and what kind of dye, but it often works with acid dyes and wool or wool blends...

Socks look great!

Femiknitzi said...

I will remember that next time...I should have thought of that as I've dyed yarn before myself.

FugueStateKnits said...

Wow - love the yarn - and definitely the beer and the foot-rubbing thing makes the concentration tough - wouldn't recommend lace either at that time, LOL:)
I'm tagging you - details at http://fuguestateknits.blogspot.com
Hope it's not too annoying!

marie in florida said...

uhm...i love the blankie you have your displays on1 hehehe